THE WRITING LIFE: Q&A with @MarginaliaManuscripts on Experience and Writing

In this #thewritinglife post, I’d like to focus on what and who has made us interested in reading and writing. I’ve had the pleasure and honour to work with and talk to Cambridge-qualified Mary-Anne Farah (Maz) and Holly of Marginalia Manuscripts about their personal stories. Editors are one of the key backstage players of the actual …

INTERVIEW: Author D. H. Schleicher on Inspiration, Movies and Writing

One of my most vivid memories as a child was watching Jaws in 1977 with my dad. I doubt it’s suitable for a 7 year old as I remember being terrified of swimming in the sea for about two years even though I grew up in Malaysia and it’s mandatory to swim. In the sea. And no, there are no sharks in Malaysia. I now realise the power of imagination and the impact of movies on creativity.