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Are there any Benefits of having a Penpal in this Digital Age?

Recently I tweeted a memory I had of my penpal when I was 12 and I was astonished when today it’s so far had 80


The Writing Life

How to Develop a Cult Following in 5 Killer Moves

… for your book or product, with exercises to try out. Everybody knows at least 5 cult classics without even thinking. These are 5 of

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Heart of Glass: Day 4 of being serialized on The Pigeonhole!

Read Heart of Glass for free for 10 days. We are on Day 4, 6 to go: in which the protagonist Li-an is now feeling

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REVIEW: BBC’s “Chinese Burn” appalling script, racial stereotypes, human detritus not diversity

Did anybody catch this on the BBC over the weekend? A terrible TV film about three Chinese girls in London called CHINESE BURN. The script