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What is the Flying Rhino and Why does it Cry?

The Flying Rhino is not a prehistoric dinosaur but it does look like one, with its large, mad staring eyes. The rhinoceros hornbill is the largest

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Nasi lemak at Dapur while awaiting new passport

There has got to be a thrill to be subjected to a six hour wait to get one’s new passport in this day and age.

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100% in 100 days: Crowdfunding my book “Heart of Glass”

Crowdfunding. Is. Over. The three big little words. 100% in 100 days. And the last 3%? Was the longest, shortest journey in the world (I

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I was a punk even then

You can’t get more post-colonial, vintage and ironic than this! This photo was taken on my fifth birthday in Segamat, a little railway town in

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My first Prize-winning Story was Typed on this Typewriter

The first story which I wrote and submitted was for the 1984 New Straits Times Short Story Competition. It was called Miel and the Honey Bunch or

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What has the 1980s Reagan era got to do with it?

Welcome to the Cinema. Make yourself comfy and watch my 1980s-inspired show. Go on! It’s only 1 minute 19 sec long, I swear. Join in the

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“Support a JB writer’s book project” article by blogger Peggy Loh

Blogger Peggy Loh is a writer herself. She is, like me, born a writer, and born and raised in Johor Bahru. She is a writer with the

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L@@k inside settings of Chicago and Macau EXCLUSIVE! Original VINTAGE material!

If you have been wondering “why Chicago, why Macau?” why not take a look at the original, vintage settings? See inside the excitingly rare1964 book

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Heart of Glass 24% funded! Week One crowdfunding with Unbound

  Where to start? What nails? I have no more nails to bite. Come to think of it, no cuticles either. Where am I going

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“Heart of Glass” a novel by Ivy Ngeow

  Heart of Glass “A pacy, stylish 1980s literary thriller set in Chicago and Macau” Support this book here. Watch the trailer (pitch video) here: My name