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SHORT STORY: “The One-Eyed Elephant Trainer” by Ivy Ngeow

EXCITING NEWS: my 20 year old short story is finally published by BURNING HOUSE PRESS. Guest editor Karissa Lang from NYC says: “Today’s read is

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Heart of Glass: we have a PUBLICATION DATE!

The eagerly anticipated Heart of Glass will be out on or around Tuesday 5 June 2018. Watch out! The ‘Eighties are back. If you do

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Cry of the Flying Rhino: A new review!

This is a FaceBook review for which I was pleased to receive the “notification”. I was nervous as it is the first review by a

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Cry of the Flying Rhino: in Middlesex University Unihub newsletter

A proud moment for me to be alumni of the Writing MA at Middlesex Uni. My award-winning debut novel Cry of the Flying Rhino has

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The Myth of Sisyphus: Is it Why Writers Write?

The Myth of Sisyphus is an essay by Albert Camus. Sisyphus was the legendary king of Corinth in ancient Greece who was condemned to eternally rolling

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GUEST POST: “Who will win when the lore of the Borneo jungle takes on the law of the white man?” by Bill Colegrave

A warm welcome to my guest, the legendary Bill Colegrave, who has collected and been inspired by travel books for more than four decades. He

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Island Life Sentence: Carrie Jo Howe’s Florida in 10 Never-Seen-Before Photos

“A prosthetic leg with a Willie Nelson bumper sticker washed ashore on the beach, which meant it was Florida.” – Tim Dorsey, Pineapple Grenade. Never been

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Brixton Book Jam: ‘live’ reading on Monday 5 March 2018

Missed it? No worries! Watch it here right now! This is the first time I am reading from Cry of the Flying Rhino. It is


The Renaissance Woman: Truth or Lie?

Ren′aissance wom′an n. awomanwhohasacquiredprofoundknowledgeorproficiencyinmore thanonefield. I dreaded forcing myself and my eyes to look up the term Renaissance woman and read the definition because although I

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6 Things I’ve Learned about Being a Published Author

My aim had always been to be a published author. I have achieved my aim. Now what? Writing a novel or two is the biggest