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The American Boyfriend book launch at The Gilded Acorn bookstore, London

🥳😄FANTASTIC NEWS! The American Boyfriend has arrived in the UK amid Storm Ciaran. Thank you to The Gilded Acorn, Elaine Chiew and all of you who turned up to support me and the book at the official launch.

🚀I grew up with a storytelling tradition, everyone in Asia did, so it was fun and unusual to do an unscripted chat with Elaine. We talked about fear of snakes, Key West, watching American TV to know and write their dialogue, and working as a sandwichhand when I was a student.

🧪I do not research while writing the first draft, rather I work with a visual storyboard and my own character art as I am after all a visual person and designer. I research for fact-checking purposes during the second draft onwards. I am in a minimalist stage of my writing journey now. While Overboard was a maximalist, plush and intense literary novel, The American Boyfriend is a light read, 220 pages long, with only short sentences and chapters.

Watch reel here>>

📕There are a few signed books and gift swag so HURRY and don’t miss out if you did not get to attend the event. Remember to support indie businesses as they support YOU. Shops like The Gilded Acorn keep the local streets alive, without which the London School of Economics campus and community would lose its unique and vibrant culture and atmosphere.

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