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Finding Time to Write When You Think You Have No Time? Here’s How.

CAVEAT: Firstly, it is not time that has to be made. There are only 24 hours, you can’t make any more. Secondly, it is words that have to be made, not time. Thirdly, it is ideas that make the words, not time.

And now I will systematically break down the entire week to show you where time comes from.

A day has 24 hours. If you sleep for 6-8 hours, you have 16-18 awake hours. Say, 17 as an average.

Minus 3 hours, cooking, eating, washing = 14 hours left.

14 x 7 days = 98 hours per week.

Minus 40 working, minus 10 hours (2 hours x 5 days) commuting = 48 hours left.

Minus exercise 3 hours a week = 45 hours left.

Minus cleaning (optional) 4 hours = 41 hours left.

41 divided by 7 days = 5.85 hours average per day left of REAL time.

You cannot say

5.85 hours average per day or 35.7 hours per week

is not enough time to do writing or ANYTHING else that you love and I mean absolutely love. If you only do the minimum of 45 minutes of writing, you still have 5.85 hours minus 45 minutes = 5.1 hours per day left. You can walk the dog, spend time with your children, play a musical instrument, make something, eat out, watch films.

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